Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello World! I've really had my nose to the grindstone this past month. Honestly, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

We've been working diligently on schoolwork. So far, (knock on wood) we are on target to finish up 1/2 of our workbooks in December. Hooray! If we keep up this pace, we will definitely have a long summer. :)

Weekends have been filled with "honey-do's". I've actually taken to making a list and checking things off as they are completed. No room for slacking here my friend. Just been trying to get things organized. No major projects, just unglamourous tasks that need completing. Such as, purging filing cabinets, winterizing yard, transplanting annual plants to new flowerbeds for the spring growing season, trimming shrubs, replacing outdoor light fixtures, etc. (Snooze fest!) Sorry, told you it wasn't exciting stuff. The boys ride bikes or play basketball as we grown-ups work. Ah, to be young again. Or single, is what Ricardo is probably thinking. LOL! Ricardo isn't a project planner like yours truly. :)

Speaking of Ricardo, the new job is going well so far. The first paycheck cleared- so we're off to a good start. :) He is having to build a credit/collection program from the ground up. So, he has his work cut out for him. Meanwhile the company is burning thru money like crazy, so he has to get it coming in quickly. So, it's exciting and stressful at the same time. But when things get too crazy, he can take a moment to collect himself and gaze out at this:

Nice view huh?! He gave up having an office with no view at his old job for a cubicle with a view now. I'd take a great view any day. How about you?

I've been hitting the weights pretty hard again. Building up some muscle tone. At least I hope that is what it is. The number on the scale isn't changing much, (in fact some days it's more than the day before) but I'm starting to see some nice definition from my efforts. I say it's from the weights, may be from all the dang digging and planting I've been doing. Ricardo is playing tennis 3x a week. But now that it is no longer 105 degrees out, we've been walking together in the evenings twice a week for 45 min-1 hour. I really look forward to those outting's to reconnect and just be sans kiddos for a minute. Does that make me sound horrid?

We watched a WONDERFUL family movie on FMN (family movie night) a few weeks ago. "Hachi : A Dog's Tale" A true story about a dog's love and loyalty. So beautiful! I highly recommend it.

And has anyone else watched/ become addicted to Nip/Tuck? I started downloading it on my pc off netflix. I allow myself to watch 1 episode a day as a little treat. I still have to squeeze my eyes shut during most of the surgery scenes; but the show itself is really good. Anyone else seen it? Anyone? Buehler???

Well gotta get dinner served, oldest off to church youth group, Ricardo off to tennis and take youngest with me to find a new dog bed this evening. A thrill a minute I tell ya! Will put posting on my list of things to do again soon. Or after reading this you're probably thinking..."don't bother, I can fall asleep on my own. Really!!! " LOL!

Daily 3:

Grateful for my family.
Grateful for our home.
Grateful for the release that exercise brings. Amen!!!


kiki said...

Life is good. Glad to read all is well. I LOVE the new office view. Good for him.
Sounds like your yard, family and home and beautiful as always, that is success and balance to me.
Speaking of family being happy..
Piggy is beyond thankful for your recommendation of Blue. She is in love with her food bowl...she even guards it now. :)
So far, no itching at all. I think the limited ingredient Blue is a win-win!! Thanks again, Love Pig.

Jen said...

Glad to hear that things are well on your homefront! I am always tickled when you have a new post!

Give the boys a hug from their Kansas friends!

Jen said...

Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving!

I miss your posts, but I understand how busy life must be! Hope all is well at the Briefing household!

carsick said...

Hi Stacy:) I just wanted to check in and say Hi, I hope all is well and that I hope you'll get a minute to brief us on lifes goings on.

Jen said...

Today was Garrett's class party for "Welcome Home Flat Stanley!" I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the good time you showed him while he was in town. :)
Today was the first time I was given the opportunity to read all of the information you sent to his class. You went way above and beyond...
Thanks for the bottom of my heart. Garrett had a great time looking through all of Flat Garrett's travels!
Miss you!